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It´s not important
to think about aid,
it is important to help.

Account No: 1657156389/0800
IBAN: CZ53 0800 0000
0016 5715 6389

How do we help

Foundation of St. Barbara Civic Association was the end of the financial discrimination of children whose father – miner died. The situation in the family, where their financial supporter dies, is not easy. The association has an interest in ensuring, that orphaned children will not be discriminated in studying, developing of their talents, leisure activities, etc, due the lack of finance.

  • Priority of the support is culture and education:
    • tuition
    • school supplies
    • part of the expenses for purchasing of computer or laptop
    • part of the expenses for Internet connection
    • accommodation during studying (dormitory, high school housing, private accommodation)
    • fees in day-care kids centers
    • fees for leisure and sport activities
    • schools in the country
    • ski training
    • another education – driving school, retraining courses, etc.
  • In the area of health care, association contributes to:
    • health aids
    • health stays