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It´s not important
to think about aid,
it is important to help.

Account No: 1657156389/0800
IBAN: CZ53 0800 0000
0016 5715 6389

About association

 ·         The name of the association is derived from the name of miner´s patroness – St. Barbara.

·         Logo of the Association came from a children's art competition, in which was registered a total of 195 proposals

·         Registered office is in the building of

OKD, a. s.

Stonavská 2179

735 06 Karviná - Doly

·         Committee of the association structure:

Chairwoman: Bc. Monika Němcová
Vice-chairman: Ing. Stanislav Chobot

Member: Ing. Radka Naňáková

Member: Barbara Tomanová

Member: Daniel Sulava
Member: Pavel Konečný

·         Secretary: Melanie Faranová

·         Members of the association are companies belonging to the OKD group, supplying companies providing mining activity at individual mines, but also other companies and individuals. The association is on volunteer base, members of the association may become any other companies or persons.

·         Funding of the Association is from membership fees, but very important help are donations from various companies and individuals. Organization obtains another funds at various events organized by civic association.

·         Account No. is 1657156389/0800 (Česká spořitelna, a. s., Havířov branch).